LIGHTFOOT is a hardcourt bike polo company based in Sydney, Australia. Our aim is to provide an affordable and local option for frames and equipment for players of all skills and sizes. LIGHTFOOT was created by Stephen, Brook and Ollie who've been playing polo in and around Australia for the past seven years. We have attended five world championships, played every AHBPC and traveled extensively with the sport. In our travels we have had the fortunate experience to ride on some of the best polo bikes on the market, and talk with the players who use them. We have owned many different polo bikes, and had experience designing our own.

From this comes LIGHTFOOT. We have used our experience and knowledge to design our ideal bike, with a price point we think is polo friendly. The LIGHTFOOT frame sets are designed to perform, to last and to help the player learn and grow.

LIGHTFOOT frames are fast, strong, light and great value.

To contact this Australian bike polo company, send an email to team@lightfootpolo.com.au