We wanted to make an awesome polo bike and equipment that is affordable to all players. Keeping costs low has been our core value in design so we have taken many steps to reduce cost while still maintaining an excellent product. Options like colour choice, custom geo and choice of brakes have been removed, and this saving has been passed directly to the consumer. You. So now you can buy a well designed and built polo bike for a reasonable cost. Sweet huh?

How do you describe the frame in a nutshell?

With full 4130 CroMo the LIGHTFOOT is nimble, light and fast. It is responsive, with a direct feeling in and a spring out of corners, it reacts to your every want. With oversized fork tubing, 4130 CroMo and well placed gussets the frame will be strong enough for everything bike polo has to throw at it, without being the weight of a cast iron anchor.

The 26” frameset

The 26” frame is designed for the player chasing fast lines, quick stops, rapid changes of direction and crazy acceleration. This frame while being tight and agile is also stable, giving the player the confidence to lean off the bike without it jack-knifing or washing out.

The 700c frameset

The 700c has the tight geometry of a track bike, which gives the player the stability to push the bike all over the court and allowing long flowing lines. While the tight front end means it turns on a dime, it is also deftly responsive.

Can I get a custom frame / Can I change anything?

Unfortunately not. Our core belief was to create a frame design that will fit the needs of the vast majority of players. We decided to make the most used and common aspects of polo and the progression of gear on the bikes, hence front disc and cantilever mounts and the rear cantilever mounts. This keeps the bike simple and reduces the build cost, a saving we have passed onto the consumer.

Do you do bulk discounts?

While we aren’t able to offer discounts on the frame price, in some cases we can arrange a bulk shipment to save you on shipping fees. This comes down to a variety of factors such as frame sizes and locations. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss this option, or any other ideas or special requests.

What is your expected delivery time?

From when the order is confirmed, we can ship the frame within 48 hours (business days). So, order Monday, and it should have left our warehouse by Wednesday. Expected shipping times within Australia is 2-4 days, NZ is 7-10 days and shipping to the rest of the world is 10-25 days.

What if there is a problem with my order or frame?

Please contact us immediately. We are happy to help resolve any issues as soon as possible and take pride in providing a top quality service to get you on your LIGHTFOOT frame ASAP.

Why is there only one colour choice?

As described above, in order to achieve a competitive price, we have taken the bold step of a mass production run. We have also decided to limit the colour choice to save overall cost and most importantly the delivery time to the consumer. We chose two awesome colours, one for each wheel size, that we think are unique enough to but also universal. This choice was made to pass on the saving to the player. Let's face it; keeping the cost low on a polo bike is better than custom colours.

Where are the frames made?

Our warehouse and office is located in Sydney, Australia. We use a well-established and high quality frame manufacturer located in Taiwan. This is a factory that we have had a solid and reliable relationship with over a number of years on other projects and now with LIGHTFOOT. We feel that they were best suited to achieve a competitive price while maintaining build quality.